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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks because you can see there in the distance of shia militia vehicles the dust you can see on the horizon there the peshmerga telling us are actually tanks with detailed coverage when the mine closed in one thousand nine hundred for many people lost their jobs scavenging is outside making money from around the world this is supposed to last for a month but people tell us that it only lasts for eight days if you look around this is the only food available in this household. china leadership further cementing the power of president xi jinping by not
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including a clear successor. i'm richelle carey this is a live from doha also coming up china will be on the agenda to take rex tillerson visit india a trip being closely watched by pakistan. heading down their weapons kurds say they'll freeze the results of a session vote and seek talks with iraq plus more than a quarter of a million people are expected at the royal paymah tuireann in bangkok to get a final farewell to the father of all thais king. china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president paying her mare chang was the only one to retain his spot in the seven man lineup but there's no clear successor to see which with all committee members aged at
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least sixty so that means they'd be too old to take over at the next party congress which is a twenty twenty two and that further strengthens firm grip on power from. socialism with chinese characteristics has entered into a new era the new era must new faces a need to have new actions in twenty eighteen we will have the fortieth anniversary of opening up it is a very important thing of determining the fate of china forty years of reforming and opening up has led chinese people to their moderately prosperous society becoming richer and richer we need to draw from this experience and continue to modernize the governance system of china and. the new standing committee of the composition the members what does that tell us about the ambitions for. well this is as public as chinese politics gets once every five years the new
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standing committee of the politburo wheeled out in front of the domestic and international press there's always a little bit of jeopardy as to who is on it was the most significant thing of all this time around those who is not on it and in short there is anybody under sixty and that means that there is no obvious person to take over from cheating think traditionally this point in a ten year presidential term halfway through would be the moment for the president to essential anoint somebody as their successor somebody in their fifty's it happened with xi jinping himself ten years ago fifty four he was put on the standing committee this time around there is nobody under sixty on it and that is very significant because that suggests the president she does not want that to be seen to be any coming man on that top table he doesn't want to be eclipsed in any way during his presidency and this puts him firmly in control going forward not just for the next five years of his presidency but potentially as a leader beyond that beyond twenty twenty two the has been some speculation about
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president she's ambitions a long term and this will add fuel to the fire the fact that there is nobody there who at the moment looks like a successor to shooting things so let's talk about the key players were to weigh and know about them and what might their priorities. well first of all they are all men that is significant it was chairman mao who many years ago said that women hold up half the sky and yet there's never been a woman on the standing committee of the politburo the most senior level in chinese politics and there isn't this time around either as for the men who are there as i say all in their sixty's the youngest of them at sixty. he's been elevated to run the anticorruption drive that of course is so important to president xi then you've got lee jan hsu now he is like that with the president they go right back to the 1980's in her bay province the two of them were young party officials there he's really been with changing thing ever since and that kind of gives you an idea of
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the sorts of loyalists that she wants to surround himself with he's probably the closest of all that's true and then one year and he is the man who's been leading the antipoverty drive that she paying has had as one of his priorities over the last five years that's been seen to be relatively successful getting one person out of poverty every two and a half seconds as a stick they like to bandy around here and he has been rewarded with a seat at the top table and he also has a lot of experience with the un with the u.s. china relationship when it comes to economic affairs so foreign investors would place to see somebody at that top table who knows that thorny issue well so those are three of the key players as to what they'll be doing they'll be trying to put some flesh on the bones of what president xi means by this so-called new era that he's talked so much about in this congress he says there was the era under chairman mao when the communist party was really established itself the struggle to establish the communist party and china as a state that was then became the second ear under deng xiaoping when the
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opening up of this country to economic liberalization happened in the early eighty's that's got china rich. paying says that there is a new era beginning now one with continued growth but more balanced growth more equitable sharing of the proceeds of that growth more harmony as he puts it between the environment and economic growth and a more assertive position in terms of foreign affairs as well we should see some of that coming from these men. ok andrew thomas live for us in beijing thank you. is now in india the latest stop in a tour that has taken him to saudi arabia qatar afghanistan iraq and pakistan as you can see they are rex tillerson and his counterpart there are coming to the to the stand there to begin a press conference meeting with the media after this meeting that they have had looks like they're about to get underway and just
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a moment so again that it's rex tillerson as you can see and is indian counterpart . so roger let's let's pause for a moment to see if they're quite ready to get started. and basically what you're kind of hearing is simply just the formal introduction of these two and this is something that pakistan will be watching very closely as well . this is the first meeting. from the indian nation on myself. and this trip in india.
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it has been a very successful trip for the secretary of state he's been to saudi arabia qatar saudi arabia iran and pakistan. and it is in india so that means that he has stand in five days six nations. but it is. a happy situation that he has scum head off to visiting all the six nations and i think that you are very happy to be here in india and you are not a diet and i hope you are feeling good to be in india as the last country on the visit and now this is the second. meeting and i met him last year last month and you know the last time.
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between india and and america has been has been a has been a good. and. and i have said that the. things that america is a very good friend for india and also in and boy shinton in your meeting you said that there is a good very good relationship between india and medica and that relationship and i would always want to tell you. that. in this in this relationship you always wanted to have a stronger relationship and very odd i think building that up i am very happy to be in modi when he has did the us say. he encouraged this
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relationship and our relationship has become deeper and v. have have also supported each other with all the issues that. and also. buying the oil. this is a new era in our relationship and i think that i am very grateful to the state of the state. and and as you are between us thinking that we should increase relationship and. development and the have also. working on the terrorism issue and this is a great danger that is standing in front of us and also in of honest john and also going to be going to develop new measures. so so that we
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can overcome this deadlock resume or issue and he have also seen that the increase in the desert is i'm in a honest on and b. are working towards it and b. also know that even today that. just that they add up people who are still supporting the dead are just and i say that we have to be have to face this situation all together and we have to see that no country should support the terrorists and. nation that will support the terrorist have to hold them responsible for it. and we are all so convinced that in pakistan . that they've been have pakistan been have to support. it do it educate the deadest and they have to diminish all of the measures and all go . to this place is as well and also according to that in.
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that in pakistan they have to really work against the ted resists and india. and in and in the end with the support of america will look towards it advocating this even even the terrorists and also deal with that. india of understand and america b. will be booking you know together and. that the domestic and. abroad we will have to. be. saying that in december we believe hold. a new it or what it. and b. but also. issues and also. when. he
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has to has you know visited the usa and david also v. and i think we are. successful in most off though. and the freedom of navigation. and overflight. have also repeated this so that the. treaty should be successful. i have also agreed that we should work together that each other. and v. and b. bill increase all the developments and the relationship between us and be have done . that we have also said that we also. safety
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companies and people also say that v. will have to develop this legal process and also secured india. and also also worked with you soledad to leak and have a coal production and and he can secure and he can be can develop it and be but also. it's supposed to trump. that that people increase the tradition chip and be built and. be successful. and be have also be also developing relationships and viva and be able to see that we bill also achieve whatever it is we have. to have decided but it has to be in collaboration and india but also develop and india and
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india and. and. and and and b i'm going to be talking in washington about this. between india and. and do you want to say. all it takes so that we can we can develop a sick and as secretary of state innocent has said has said. that that that a no nation has been so successful ended relationship that india and america have created and and also people who have gone but the visas to america. and we have done that and also globalization has been very successful and i and i have also said to the secretary of state that that they
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should nothing be done in america which. on facilitates the citizens of india. and. and in not relationship should have deep and fair dialogue between us and next month india and america will. have innovation and it will also strengthen that really the relationship. and. invite. and also expose. schemes has to be. i have asked to listen to. that i want to thank him for it for the trade sector. and also stay.
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to listen. also. have really caught a lot of. well and now i've been. hired by to this and something thank you man the requesting under the thing you know to benefit is to make them. well let me begin by thinking prime minister modi and minister for wash for their very warm welcome to india it is a real pleasure to return to india a vibrant democracy that shares so many values with the united states india the united states have had close relations now for more than seventy years and we are natural allies in the words of prime minister modi we are grateful for his friendship and his vision of a closer us india relationship and the vision we certainly share the united states supports india's emergence as
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a leading power and will continue to contribute indian capabilities to provide security throughout the region in this regard we are willing and able to provide in did based technologies for its military modernization efforts this includes ambitious offers from american industry for f. sixteen f. eighteen fighter planes i'm grateful to my friend and colleague secretary of defense mattis that he was able to visit india last month and he had i both look forward to the inaugural two plus two dialogue early next year in august president trump announced a new strategy for south asia one that redoubles our commitment to afghanistan and with it to peace debility and the greater south asian region india plays an important role in this effort in the fight against terrorism the united states will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with india terrorist safe havens will not be
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tolerated. with knowledge with gratitude india's generous contributions to development in afghanistan including construction of the salma dam and the afghanistan parliament building and the three billion dollars it has provided already in development assistance we also look forward to further cooperation in the broader indo pacific region as we both promote a rules based approach to the commons and a transparent and sustainable approach to economic development we're glad to be joined in this effort by our close mutual partner japan and i was honored to spade and a trilateral discussion on these topics with my friends mr for was and mr kono in new york last month in addition to our partnership will result in global stability india and united states continue to benefit from our strong economic bonds our two
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countries have a history of trade that dates back to the eighteenth century long before the independence of either of our nations we are pleased that recently we celebrated an important milestone of our beat the economic relationship before shipment of american crude all arrived in india at the beginning of this month marking the first us all export in more than four decades continued all sales have the potential of boost bilateral trade by up to two billion dollars per year in fact the us india trade relationship which reached nearly one hundred fifteen billion dollars last year touches many parts of the lives of both of our citizens u.s. companies and products are an everyday presence in the lives of indians and we see increasing investments from indian companies in america including a mahindra vehicle plant that will open this month in detroit the first ever indian
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automobile manufacturing plant in the united states. india the united states also share a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation including the dynamic indian american community were proud to co-host the glowing gates with summit in heidar hyderabad next month where the spirit of private enterprise will be on full display g.p.s. the first ever to be hosted in south asia will be an important opportunity for india and the united states to showcase showcase the occupant or ship of our people advanced women's economic empowerment and harness the power of young innovators in both of our countries but at the core of our strong bond is our shared values our democracies were founded on a commitment to individual liberty and the rule of law it's this foundation that underpins all that we work together on from combating terrorism and safeguarding a rules based indo-pacific region to creasing free and fair trade even as we look
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for more areas of cooperation as president trump said during prime minister modi's trip to the united states in june and i quote the future of our partnership has never looked brighter india in the united states will always be tied together in print ship and respect we look forward to an even brighter future thank you very much excellent c. for hosting me and for the very fruitful and useful dialogue we've had thank you. thank you so you've been listening to secretary of state rex tillerson as you can see there at the at the podium there with the foreign minister india in new delhi. talking about the things that they have in common saying they're united in their fight against terrorism and working with afghanistan and pakistan as well also
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touting their ties that go back quite some time there are ties treat with trade economic ties and development as well and also speaking ahead to the present the visit that president trump will be making to india very soon so we'll keep an ear to the questions as well and issue another update very shortly. the kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its obsession referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and when the ceasefire kurdish peshmerga forces had been fighting government troops near a key oil pipeline stephanie exact are asking more from near iraq's border with syria. but it's a very unexpected statement really because the k r g the kurdistan regional government has always said the results of the river and m were a red line the demand from baghdad was that the results needed to be before any dialogue to take place so now what we have is an offer from the regional government
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here saying let's freeze the end i think this kind of language is important see what that means and whether baghdad accept it let's freeze the results let's have an immediate cease fire and let's go into dialogue now let me just explain to you where we are which i think has some part of that we are in northern iraq of course but it's at the point of triangle where there was fighting yesterday now just behind us those mountains you see around two kilometers is syria and then a little further north you have turkey so this is a crucial point there was fighting here yesterday morning just a little further about twenty kilometers down from where we are between iraqi forces the shiite militias and the peshmerga is a real concern that the plan was for the iraqi forces to come all the way up this border and essentially cut off the border crossing which is held by kurds on both sides and you have the iraqi prime minister today is currently on his way to turkey where he'll be meeting with the turkish president he will then be going to iran these are two countries that are hugely invested in what has happened here over the last week or so so i think interesting now the ball isn't about is to court we're
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going to have to wait and see what his reaction will be to that offer from the curtis regional government here staying with iraq and government forces are launching an offensive to recapture the last part of iraq a territory still and i saw hands they've been dropping leaflets warning civilians of this imminent assault i solicit for two major defeats in iraq in recent months after fierce fighting in mosul and how weak the group holds territory in the west near the border with syria. yes president donald trump has signed an executive order introducing tough new measures on refugees coming to the united states he previously placed to ban for one hundred twenty days on refugees trying to enter the u.s. while his administration conducted a review well that ban has now expired it's been lifted the new measures include more rigorous vetting and screening of all those seeking asylum people from eleven countries were part of this high risk by washington will be assessed only on a case by case basis these countries have yet to be named kenya's presidential
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election looks like it will go ahead on thursday after the supreme court says they're warning of judges to hear a last minute petition against it the polls a rerun after the supreme court an old president who can jada's victory in the first election in august over irregularities opposition leader raila odinga is boycotting that poll eleven human rights activists accused of supporting terrorist groups have gone on trial in the turkish capital istanbul the director of amnesty international and turkey and several others including a german national and a sweet they were all arrested in july they're accused of aiding kurdish and leftwing armed groups as well as the fish will go on movement blame for last year's failed coup they face up to fifteen years in prison if found guilty because he'll lose life outside of the court in istanbul and there seems to be running a nonstop trials for the last few months seen him put this in perspective for us why this would matter so much. yes richelle in turkey it's
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a very busy time at the course criminal course especially following the failed coup attempt today right we are right in front of the istanbul high criminal courts. right now the suspects are inside the suspects who are the eleven actors are inside this is the first trial after the indictment has been filed for about two weeks ago we have been speaking to the lawyers such as suspects lawyers and some sources from the government they are good news actually which is which is that the suspects at this most of the merriest are expected to be released by the end of today's court hearing well of course this is not for sure where we have to wait until the hearing and i have been speaking to some lawyers of the suspects and they are trying to be prepared for the war scenario which is the continuation of their response what they
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say is that what the lawyers say is that the indictment trial is a very weak vial and it has been built on suspicions presumptions rather than concrete evidence is against the suspects accused against the suspects who are accused to be a member of the armed terrorist organization or a sympathizer of that organization we have also spoken to the sources from the government size. in the wee wee here we have been hearing that the atmosphere is going to be much more positive but what the suspect sites say that this trial is based on injustice and it has been unfair on till now because the eleven suspects have been jailed for three months pending for trial so they're saying that whether they are free today what's going to happen with those three months or so this is the scenario we are going to be keeping you updated about the details of the court hearing hoping that the suspects are going to be released. hello live for us in
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istanbul scene and thank you spain's prime minister says restoring normality and legality to catalonia is one of the government's top priorities catalonia faces director all being imposed on it from madrid on friday more than three weeks after its controversial secession referendum the cowl on regional government plans to challenge the takeover through spain's constitutional court. our priority is very important it's to reestablish the rule of law and peaceful living conditions in catalonia it is to guarantee liberty and the rights of all citizens these are the fundamental priorities of the government i want to highlight that the country's economic situation is much better now than it was just a year ago an elaborate five day funeral has just started this hour in thailand for king pointed to the day a year after his death live pictures right here from bangkok issue can see the
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solemn moment here there's a quarter of a million people that have lined up lined out the area outside the grand palace to watch and golden chariots bring the late king's body to the crematorium complex the king reign for seven years last october on the country and two a year of warning. protests in france are demanding protesters that is were demanding the release of journalists being held in egyptian presidents the protests took place during president a. visit to paris reporters without borders says there are twenty journalists being detained and egyptian cells are testers want french president menem are prone to condemn the arrests as violations of human rights and al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist not moved to saying who's been an egyptian prison for more than three hundred days now he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos claims he and al-jazeera strongly deny the same as repeatedly complained of
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mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family. the headlines on al-jazeera china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping premier league the chain was the only one to retain his spot in the seven man lineup but there's no clear successor to a further strengthening his grip on power from will close. that socialism with chinese characteristics has entered into a new era the new era most new faces a need to have new action in twenty eighteen we will have the fortieth anniversary of opening up it is a very important thing of determining the fate of forty years of reforming and opening up has led chinese people to their moderately prosperous society and are becoming richer and richer we need to draw from this experience and continue to
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modernize the governance system of china the presidential election looks like it will go ahead on thursday after the supreme court said there is just one of judges to hear a last minute addition against it the polls are rerun after the court and no president are group victory on the first election in august over irregularities opposition leader is boycotting that call the kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its own referenda that referendum triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and they want to cease fire iraqi forces are launching an offensive to recapture the last part of a rocky territory still and hands so they have been dropping leaflets warning civilians of the imminent assault i saw suffered two major defeats in iraq in recent months after fierce fighting in mosul and holy shit the group pulls territory in the west near the border with syria. the u.s.
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is set to begin accepting refugees again but with tougher that in measures trouble ministration has ended a ban on new arrivals that people from eleven countries were crowded as high risk by washington they'll be restricted to a case by case basis. those are the headlines and news continues on al-jazeera after the strain you greater. than the differences. and the similarities of cultures of. al-jazeera. i am for me ok you're in the stream live on al-jazeera english and you choose me to campaign as if you know.


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